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3-D Printed Prototypes

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While prototype machining offers numerous advantages, there are certain limitations that may make 3D printed prototypes more suitable for certain scenarios. Blitz Proto has a variety of 3D printers to meet your prototyping needs.  We can assist you with 3D design and scanning services to create your initial concept.  Our high speed printers are equipped to provide you with cost effective previews of your designs.   You can use the first iteration of your design as a model for necessary modifications to ensure your prototype fits your application.  3D printing services are ideal for parts with complex geometrics, intricate features and delicate structures that cannot be machined.  You may choose to 3D print a prototype part for proof of concept prior to proceeding to production. 

Using our prototype services to produce your  3D printed parts makes it easy  to print small quantities of parts fast.  We offer a wide variety of colors for you to choose from parts using FDM or SLA materials.  Another advantage of choosing 3D printing services for your prototype is the reduced amount of material waste generated in the additive manufacturing process.   We have the capacity to provide high speed printing services for runs from a few dozen to a few hundred.


Blitz Proto’s 3D Printers:



2 –  Neptune 4 Pro high speed printers

2 –  AnyCubic Mono X K Resin Printers

1 – Prusa i 3 MK 3

2 – Custom Built High speed printers


Your industry could benefit significantly from using 3D printed prototypes due to the technology’s versatility and rapid prototyping capabilities. Some of the industries that particularly benefit from 3D printed prototypes are, automotive, medical devices, and industrial manufacturing.

The automotive industry utilizes 3D printed prototypes extensively for concept modeling, design validation, functional testing, and manufacturing tooling. 3D printing allows automotive engineers to quickly iterate on designs, test new concepts, and produce custom components.

The medical and healthcare industries use 3D printed prototypes for developing patient-specific medical devices, surgical tools, prosthetics, and anatomical models. 3D printing allows healthcare professionals to create personalized solutions tailored to individual patient needs, improve surgical planning and training, and accelerate innovation in medical device development.

Industrial manufacturers utilize 3D printed prototypes for creating custom tooling, jigs, fixtures, and production aids to streamline manufacturing processes. 3D printing offers manufacturers the flexibility to design and produce specialized tools and equipment on-demand, optimizing production workflows and enhancing efficiency.

Printing Capabilities:




 A look at some parts we have printed:

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