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Partner Spotlight – Vibetech

Partner Spotlight

Jeff Leismer demonstrating one of the many uses of their new VibeTech 3

The VibeTech 3 is available for preorder

Blitz Proto is proud to work with VibeTech in the development of their newest model the VibeTech 3.  This technology was originally developed to help astronauts retain muscle mass and bone density.  It is now helping patients with a variety of health issues regain sensation in their feet, combat bone loss, recover more quickly from operations and injuries and gain the ability to walk, just to name a few applications


Whitepaper on treating Atrophy in Space

Vibetech on YouTube

Benefits of Vibetech’s VibeTech 3:

  • 45% Reduction in falls
  • 20% Stronger after just 3 weeks of use
  • 66% Less pain after 10 minutes of use

“Exercise is the number one thing you should do, but patients can’t do it because of barriers including exertion, pain and flexibility.  I am hoping this will help people lead a much higher quality of life–and hopefully live longer as well.”

Jeff Leismer

CEO and Founder of VibeTech

VibeTech at Blitz Proto

Jeff travels to senior centers, rehab clinics and hospitals to help patients with the VibeTech 3 which is being improved right here at our facility.  Check out our team using this incredible machine which can deliver up to 100 pounds of force in return to your pressure with a healing vibration.