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Prototype Lighting Specialists

Lighting Prototype

Custom Lighting Solutions

Blitz Proto Specializes in lighting solutions for a variety of applications.


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Grow Lights and Sensor Solutions

  • Optimal Grow Light Solutions
  • Single bar high-bay lighting
  • Advanced Green Technology
  • effectively manage light spectra/intensity
  • custom dimmers and controls available
  • Custom Solutions for your application




We Customize your Lighting

  • LED Board Design and Prototying
  • Optical Design
  • Optical Simulation
  • LED Drivers


Comprehensive Design and Testing

Order one of our pre-existing designs or have us create a custom design

Blitz Proto offers custom built grow lighting solutions, high bay solutions, automotive lighting solutions and more.  Contact us to learn more about designs that we have ready for production or to have your design engineered and created.