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Blitz Proto is committed to creating quality prototype parts for your application.  Our team will work with your team to implement new designs to match your vision.  We specialize in prototyping solutions for automotive, electronics and lighting applications.

Custom Electronics Solutiions

Design, programming and engineering

High speed machining

About Us

Blitz Proto was founded in 2022 by Engineers with a vision of innovating the Prototype service market in Southeast Michigan.  Blitz Proto opened its current location in Farmington Hills Michigan in March 2023.  With the purpose of  meeting the prototyping needs of local and national customers, Blitz Proto is committed to providing full service prototype support across industries.  

Blitz proto was developed to provide the time-sensitive service you expect.  Our proto-typing services are designed to create your parts faster without compromising the quality you require.  When you choose Blitz Proto, you will receive a quick quote and you can expect your finished parts in as little as 5 days upon payment.  We use custom CNC machining to accomplish what traditional machineshops are unable to.  These services are designed to meet your company’s deadlines and please your management as well.  

With expertise in design and engineering, we can help you take your prototype from an idea to a production part with full service every step of the way.  We can provide CAD designs and 3D models to help you initiate proof of concept. Receive high-complexity mock-ups and design prototypes to assist your R&D departments with finalizing part design.  

Blitz Proto’s partners bring years of conventional and CNC milling experience.  Our manufacturing capabilities are specifically designed for very high speed machining of smaller components.  Smaller CNC machines with high speed spindles are able to take full advantage of smaller diameter cutters, making the time per part lower than larger CNC machines typically used.  We implement a number of work holding and material management strategies that also contribute to the overall efficiency of our processes.



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Assisting Industry Leaders

We work with industry leaders to assist with prototyping for products entering the market

Engineering assistance

Our highly skilled staff can assist your team in modifying engineering to ensure smooth integration of your prototype

Options for your implementation

With a fully equipped machine shop of CNC machines, 3-D printers and precision instruments, we can make your prototype part however you need.

“With innovative solutions and quick turnaround times, Blitz Proto is the ideal choice for Prototypes”

– Happy Customer

Bold Solutions

You can count on Blitz Proto to provide fresh ideas to support your innovation process